Foo Fighters

Very cool songs.



And another one… prob my fav by them.

The Pretender



Rock on Foo Fighters! Fight the good fight!



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Ayn Rand

Who is Ayn Rand?



She’s someone you’ll want to read if you want to know what’s really happening in our culture, and our world today.

She rocked.

I’m glad that Ayn Rand is still remembered. She should be. Her novels are amazing, and her philosophical books, like ‘The Virtue of Selfishness’ and ‘Capitalism, The New Ideal’ are well worth the read.

I know. I’ve read them all; cover to cover.




The Objectivist movement, started by Rand, is more relevant today than ever before.




I won’t delve into all the many facets of what she created here, but I will pay my tribute to her genius… because I still can.





 Rock on Ayn Rand!








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On a Day Like Today


Crandew – always looking for more. Good travels my friend!

Originally posted on Crandew:

I’d like to think that all things are still possible. Before the sun reaches the water and the chill in the air gets unbearable, I’d like to know.


I want to know that what I achieved in life had a purpose other than ‘of the moment’. Is that too much to ask? Am I delusional in thinking that a monkey in a suit can make a difference?


I want more time, and I want be able to share more worthwhile moments with those I care about. While the world sleeps I dream of these things.

Am I wrong to ask so much?

I am Crandew.

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5 Days Left

We are donating 100% of our album sales (for the month of Sept 2014) to charity – and there are only 5 days left!

BP Charity

Great response so far – and – we’re looking for a great finish, so if you want to  hear some awesome music, and have an easy way to feel good about yourself by helping others – all at once – go check out our albums:

Blabpipe on Amazon

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..and we’re on Spotify, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, etc… so join us and help spread the word.

Thanks everyone!


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Animal Farm

This might be expanded with more thoughtful insight, accompanied by some snappy wit – but for now:







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Nikola Tesla

He gave us so much, and yet I think he would be both amazed and quite saddened by what this world has become. This is my favorite quote from him.



‘Nikola Tesla (10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943) was an American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist best known for his contributions to the design of the modern alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.’


I find it hard to believe that so many have no idea about all the inventions he created, and what an impact it was on the world we now have. Among all of his inventions, most notably he gave us efficient AC motors, wireless, and the radio – and so much more.


Rock on Tesla! You were an example we should all try to follow!


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Ok.. I keep going back to this song:

Live To Rise


Because it freaking rocks, and it was in a cool movie – The Avengers. I think it might be their best song yet, and they’ve been around for a long time, and put out a ton of cool songs.

Black Hole Sun

Which is about an interesting topic :)

…which I won’t go into here.


Rock on SoundGarden!



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