Rough and Tumble

Is it just me.. or are these wicked crazy times?


From the moment that Ugh the Caveman started scribbling his drawings on the cave wall – there’s been media; and this media has been used to incite, enrage and control us. It tells us what to think and most decisively – what to think about. The power lies within the subject chosen, not so much what is said.

For example, if I want you hungry I’ll just mention cheese cake. Now, I don’t really care if you obsess over cheese cake or not – I just feel like making you hungry. It goes a bit deeper too, because now I can mention gun control and lobsters. I might do this so that you’ll loosely associate gun control with cheese cake and lobsters. Why do all this? Well, subconsciously you’ll sort the three and conclude that gun control is the least of your concerns – there’s lobster out there, being followed by some rogue cheese cake… who cares about guns at a time like this?

The media controls us; too bad it’s not the other way around. Just an idle thought for a Tuesday morning…

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2 Responses to Rough and Tumble

  1. The people who OWN the media (and pretty much everyone and everything else) are the ones looking to control and brainwash the masses. They want power so they throw a blanket of scarcity, misery and FEAR over people so that they can take more taxes (terrorists) put more cameras on our corners, etc. (more terrorism) and get what they want, which is a servant class who wants to do what they’re told so they can feel safe. Gag! We are their herd animals. They want a two class society so they are destroying the middle class and yes, it is just that simple, Gag again!


  2. crandew says:

    These are indeed crazy times.


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