Got Gas?

If so, then you know how annoying it can be…


…especially at $4.09/gallon!

The American economy has been in the dumps for a many years now… why not add an increase to gas prices? Sound like a reasonable idea to you, does it?

Well, it doesn’t to me.

$4.09/gallon is way too high to pay for petrol in this rotten economy… and it sucks that nobody does anything about it. Bad news – in a bad economy.

We are all living in an age of underemployment and ‘Great Depression’ job shortages. It’s called a depression people – not a recession! The term recession is used to lighten the load.. and the sheople seem to fall for it every time.

Sounds a lot like Nero has been playing his fiddle again, doesn’t it?

Welcome to the end game, my friends… where the queen sacrifice is shown to be ineffective, and the house wins – as always.

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2 Responses to Got Gas?

  1. Daryl Caver says:

    Well put


  2. Bud Brown says:

    High ‘energy’ prices (and the huge profits that go to the energy companies) are one of the largest drains of money in this economy. You are right…for some serious action on improving this country for ‘us’ – energy prices must fall but these companies and ‘legislators’ have their hands in each others front pockets 24/7 – so chances are slim.


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