The Callous Digital Fight

With all the daunting obstacles now faced by musicians, I think apathy (the basic callous nature of our modern culture) is the largest blockade in our way.

Mastering your instrument was first. Writing music and getting to know the business came after (many years later, in most cases). Now that you have some music written and some recordings to share with the world – what happens?

Well friend, here’s where our modern culture turns on you.

The sad fact is that the ease of communication, and data creation has overwhelmed our society. We have too much now. Too much music, too many blogs, too many videos, etc… It’s staggering to think about how much has been digitally created, and set free in the world – only to live a lonely existence here in cyberspace.

Even writing this, I can’t help but wax irony on every word. Seriously. We know that those who have too much (unearned) devalue everything, so is it surprising how self-centered and self serving we’ve all become?

Yet, here I am – adding fodder to the foul.

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