The days go by without number.

BP 10

Here in suburbia, with the mc’chains of society held fast – I chant this under my breath more often than not. I used to think that the man kept us down, but I now doubt that there ever was such a creature. In truth, it begs the question why? Why control the world? To what end? What a headache that job must be. If you want it, and can somehow accomplish it – go to it. Rule us all friend.

a1 (2)

Yet, the days still go by without number.

We’re working on our 4th album now… and what an album this one is going to be! The songs are writing themselves. Music, giving life to places left unnoticed. As the days go by, and the holidays quickly approach, I step back for just a moment; just long enough to catch a stray thought or two before going on my way.

Madness. It’s mostly overlooked and somehow under-appreciated I think.

Let’s raise a glass, as we place our collective feet into the holiday season, and toast the end of this day – giving way to the next.

It’s already sunrise… time to move on.

About Blabpipe

Rock Alternative Band for the Masses - Quite possibly the last Bastion of Hope left in the Galaxy
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