Quit Chewing On My Leg

…just because it’s made of wood.


More often than not, I’m quite stoic. But not really.

Here in cyberspace you can’t really tell, can you? I could say I was a butterfly from Brazil, and you’d be left to wonder. I think this defines our era – we are all misunderstood, misinformed and above all else – led by misinformation. Led by the nose with carrots that smell like Cheetos.

I do however like the part about Butterflies from Brazil… sounds like a good band name, or a classic book title.

We are led with smiles, along the miles to our own demise. If you’re reading this blog, then you’re not in the top bracket and that means you’re also a slave. From cradle to grave, from womb into tomb we’re out and about and serving the master. Ungrateful bastard.

Speaking of which, how about that last episode of the Walking Dead? Holy crap!

But I digress. Back to our program.  Where was I? Oh yeah, slaves. Disinformation and the media. Think that’s where I was headed before I got distracted by quality entertainment, at a reasonable price.

You know, I think I like you. Yeah, you can chill if you like… grab a brew, and eat some stew. We should pull out the lawn chairs and stare into the heart of darkness for a while. I thought I saw a shooting star, but probably not.

Speaking of which, how about that last episode of the Walking Dead? Holy crap!

Yesterday, a tad younger and a bit more naive, I read books like water and watched movies without restraint. Now I get to work, …all the time, …serve the master, …help make the world go round. So much fun.

Time for those lawn chairs. Sit back and watch the world catch fire. If you’re reading this then you’re as much a slave as I am, and I probably feel almost as sorry for you as I do myself.

That was a good episode, not the best.. but holy crap!

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