..or I guess I could have called this one, Cassette Tape.


Ultimately, it always comes back to that… well, that and the fact that cassette tapes were very cool. I don’t have all that much experience with 8-Tracks, but I must say I miss having vinyl records as well. There was so much art and soul in them. You can’t really embrace an mp3 fully, like one could with an album from the 80’s for example.

Reminds me of how plastic this era feels. I’m sure it’s just me – but really, the days before cell phones and the internet were good; in a lot of ways, better than what we have today.

We all lived and died, just like now. I mean… before there were seat belt laws, it was possible to survive – we’re still here, right? Also, I’m all for tolerance and change doesn’t frighten me in the least, but it’s probably time to admit that the broken family structures we have today are kind of wrecking everything. Just how many baby daddy’s does it take to screw in a light bulb?

Either way, the best (and probably worst) is yet to come.

“I feel a hot wind on my shoulder; dial it in from south of the border. I understand very little… no comprenda, it’s a riddle.”

Totally makes me feel like I’m on a Mexican Radio… just ask Wall of VooDoo! What does he say?

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