Review: Poignantly Quirky

‘World Peace is None of your Business’ was just released by once Smiths front man, Morrissey… and from the start, it moves in its own direction.

No surprise there. Morrissey is truly one of a kind. However, the songs are strikingly mellow, perhaps a tad too subtle for ‘generation now’ tastes. The Deluxe version contains 6 extra songs (talked about below).

Morrissey – thanks for all the awesome music, and insight into your uniquely stylistic mind. Keep doing what you’re doing, and we will all keep listening! -Blabpipe, 2014

On occasion, a glimpse of a spark can be noted but not the raging fire that once was the Morrissey of old I’m afraid.

Start with the title track – nicely done. It moves along with a quirky yet poignant set of lyrics, and flows reasonably well. I’m in.

The next 2 tracks begin to drag a bit, and although a loyal fan – I’m out.
Istanbul is a spark of a song, and moves better than the previous two. I’m in.

Earth is the Loneliest Planet of All – really cool song. There’s a lot going on and I’m hooked from the title. I’m in on this one.

Staircase at the University – sweet melody and odd sense of humor shines through. Love the bass, and the acoustic guitar on this one. Nice build up for the ending; I’m in.

The rest of the songs are ok, but very mellow. Musically they have nice parts, but there seems to be that certain something missing overall. The melodies aren’t very strong in these songs, and the slow pace begs the question, where are we going with all this?

Oboe Concerto – a lasting melody and the promise of what could be. We need more of this.
Overall, a decent album but nowhere near the high standards set by earlier works, such as ‘Vauxhall and I’, ‘Your Arsenal’, ‘Bona Drag’, ‘Viva Hate’ or ‘Kill Uncle’. I won’t compare to The Smiths albums… no point.

Deluxe extra songs:

Scandinavia – good song, and should have been on the regular album. Moves nicely and has a good melody.
One of Own – again, another decent song with a somewhat cool melody.
Drag the River, Forgive Someone, Julie in the Weeds – slow pace and weak melodies.
Art-Hounds – throwback to earlier albums, and a decent song. Nicely done.

Morrissey – again we thank you for your awesome music, and uniquely stylistic mind. Keep doing what you’re doing, and we will keep listening!


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  1. Blabpipe says:

    Had to re-blog this one. Something was wrong with the original – it wouldn’t post to other sites. I’m thinking that the title was too long?

    If anyone else has had this happen, let me know what you think.


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