Generation X

…or, the ‘completely overlooked’ generation. We grew up without cell phones or the internet, in an era where comic books and TV were still worthwhile and our culture was still producing films like ‘Star Wars’, ‘Back To The Future’ and ‘The Breakfast Club’ – we were also shaped by the threat of the cold war and wide scale gas shortages.

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“Generation X, commonly abbreviated to Gen X, is the generation born after the Western Post–World War II baby boom. Demographers, historians, and commentators use beginning birth dates ranging from the early 1960s to the early 1980s.

The term Generation X was coined by the Magnum photographer Robert Capa in the early 1950s. He used it later as a title for a photo-essay about young men and women growing up immediately after the Second World War. The project first appeared in Picture Post (UK) and Holiday (US) in 1953. Describing his intention, Capa said “We named this unknown generation, The Generation X, and even in our first enthusiasm we realized that we had something far bigger than our talents and pockets could cope with.” The term was used for various subcultures or countercultures after the 1950s” -Wikipedia

My theory is that if you line up sequential generations, every other generation will share traits. You’ll have more in common with your grandparents and grand-kids than you ever have with your parents or kids. It’s just the way it goes.

Right now, we see the effect that the Baby Boomers have had on crumbing our way of life, hoarding all they can in a mad attempt to slow the inevitable – their own demise. It’s happened before, and it’ll happen again with the next generation (Gen Y – followed by Gen Me).

Before that cycle continues, Gen X will have a brief time on top of the food chain. As time permits, this ‘unknown, overlooked’ generation will eventually take the place of the dreaded ‘Baby Boomers’ in controlling our society (or whats left of it) and when that happens, I hope that the damage caused by the Baby Boomers can be patched, and made right again.

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