Shut Up

…and stay silent about everything you hold dear. Our voices leave us when pressed, and I believe this to be true.

‘Gone are the days, in a frightening blue haze, where nothing could ever seem real. An immaculate man who made castles from sand, and could see that the end was so near. I watched through my window alone. Nobody bothered to phone.’

I wrote that 20 years ago, and it still drips from the faucet with tiny droplets of truth spilling out towards the drain.

Today, we shut up about everything. We dare not speak of how bad life has become. We stay off topic when it comes to our overlords, our kings and our overseers.

Shock marketing has become a way of life. The internet allows us to connect, and stay silent. You know, I just read that lemmings (the little dudes that follow each other over the cliff) really don’t follow each other over the cliff. It was all made up in Hollywood, and has become one of the many erroneous myths we live by.

We are the silent masses, with the brightest future that can be found while lingering quietly in a burnt out bulb.

Face It


I write songs that people shut up to.



Note: This was also posted on my other blog pg – – so if it looks familiar, it is. Promise not to double post all that often ::fingers crossed behind back::

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