Winchester Rebels

Looking for a great rock band? Well here you go.

Winchester Rebels are awesome, and their latest album Warrior rocks!

‘WINCHESTER REBELS was formed in August of 2009 in Santa Barbara California. Former “The Awakend” frontman, Nick Hunt and “Sicker Than Others” Bassist, John Livergood, came together after about a year of talking and started putting together a sound that would echo great hard rock bands from the 90’s with a twist of the new. Shortly after picking up a studio in Isla Vista, we ran across our friend Nick Fitzgerald, guitarist from “Battleship Grey,” and things started coming together. Barry Carter filled in on drums and we picked up James Longorea to play Guitar and fill in the rest of our sound. The drums are hard hitting, the guitars are heavy, the vocals inspire and carry the melodic sound of a band that demands to be heard. We have been compared to the likes of Alice In Chains, STP, Danzig, Muse, Bowie, Incubus and others. Listen to our music and you decide. See you at our next show.’ -WR LastFM bio

You can catch them everywhere, but here’s a few of their pages to visit:

WR on ReverbNation

WR on YouTube

WR on Facebook

Show your support, and by all means – go buy their albums!


Here’s a video from the latest album; here’s Ropes:



Rock on Rebels!

Big shout out from Blabpipe!


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