Two Points of Light

…that always seem to bring me anywhere but home.


“The night air wraps around me; smoke from my pipe becomes a ghost dance and I am once again threaded into an earlier stitch; I’m transported back to a place where my kids are still young, and the world is on fire.” – Ray

This was the inspiration for the Blabpipe ep ‘6 Pack‘. My kids, and the endless waves of fond memories were my muse. Even the track Hot Chocolate found it’s name (if not it’s final destination) in the cold New England mornings that now seem so distant.

There was a time when music mattered. There was a time when melodies fit the words, and a compilation of tunes could bring you where you needed to go.

It’s by no accident that Blabpipe can deliver you a viable ghost dance or introduce you to a Buffalo Bullfrog… it’s by complete design.

In Voyeur, we see the man standing just left of center, and in truth I can still see him, can you? Writing on the Wall gives us a voice… can you hear it now? Surviving is what wells up inside us when faced with impossible odds, and Rather be Cool than Hip accurately describes the world we now live in. I’ve see the Black Cat… and it has often crossed my path.

I often times wonder… Let’s Pretend… is that for me or for you? Fold Me is about…well here, see for yourself:

There was a time when music mattered.

Rock on most fortunate!





About Blabpipe

Rock Alternative Band for the Masses - Quite possibly the last Bastion of Hope left in the Galaxy
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