Of Rock Today

..and more news on our upcoming album.

So what exactly is going on in the music world? Times, they are indeed a changing… and before we go any further, we want to pay tribute to a rock god that has passed on.

RIP Tom Petty. Your music will always live on!

What an awesome musician, and an incredible human being. I’ve heard nothing but great things about him, and his accomplishments are staggering. He will be missed, but I’m glad that his music will always be around to remind us about what’s best in life.

News on Blabpipe:

There is indeed a new studio album in the works for the hardest working, most underpaid band in history. As the great Dollar once said, the greatest band that never was.

Tracks are being laid, and songs are being spun by the fireside. It’s going to be loud and it’s going to rock! A followup to the smash underground album Avalanche.

I know it’s not fair to tease, but the line grows thin between keeping everyone informed, and swatting at butter flies. Album and Release Dates are still forthcoming (it would be nice to have big studio backing, but indie production will work just fine).

Don’t back down!





About Blabpipe

Rock Alternative Band for the Masses - Quite possibly the last Bastion of Hope left in the Galaxy
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