You Write Man

Good read


…you so write.

Try as I will, I can never get away from simple wordplay. The bending and the shaping, the constantly hearing echoes in the pavement as I walk, it’s all tied together and packaged neatly in a box somewhere.. with a dainty bow, and some ribbon. I’ve actually tried to just straight up write some solid prose or a handy dandy, market friendly story line. No frill, few chills but tons of laughter. Never works out. I stray. I’ll admit it. I always stray.

a1 (22)

So where does this leave us, you and I? Writer meets reader, and the colonel dies.

Coronel came through French and colonel through Italian. Colonel preserved the look of the related word “column,” but coronel brought a nice, regal “crown” to mind (though it wasn’t actually etymologically related). So it went back and forth until we settled into the ‘l’ spelling with the ‘r’…

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