Ridiculously Tiny

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Breathing hard, really hard… and I’m mostly out of sorts as another block turns, and my day goes from bad to worse. A water wheel that spins on a dime is off in the distance chattering away and I should be so lucky.

Nope. Not this time.

The street I’m on is barely lit, like the city had purposely put a few small candles on toothpicks just to see what would happen. I can make out the elongated line of cars, bunched together on one side of the road like those circus guys, standing on top of each other. Only you’d have to imagine them lying down or the cars standing up… either way, this is the least of my troubles.

It would be so nice to just give up, to just lie down for a moment. I can’t. I would never get up again, and of that I am…

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