Our Subtle World


We reside in such changing times, you and I.


The walls of gold suffocate us, as we drift in circles around the room. From dusk til dawn, and deep within the cracks… we light our stages, and play out our lives unnoticed, unheard. Like a rose, sitting quietly in an otherwise empty field.

These are the days that stretch out forever into madness, even though they never really existed. Not really. Funny how some things can never seem to last, yet go on forever.

Why is that?

A while back, in the 80’s, there was a spark and a flame. It rose suddenly (I saw it from my bedroom window), before it was snuffed out. Why did that happen? What evil could so carelessly take something so beautiful and innocent, only to end it?

The decline happens at the peak (for where else could it exist).

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