UndergroundRock #3 – Bands You Need To Hear

Hi everybody! Here’s two more awesome guitar driven rock bands for you to check out. Check them out, see what you think!

VANT – KARMA SEEKER (Official Video)

After only a handful of gigs Vant (Mattie Vant) attracted the cheque books of every major label executive in the country. Parlophone, who started the frenzy, eventually landed Mattie’s signature & kick-started a whirlwind two-year journey from five consecutive BBC R1 Hottest Record(s) & an acclaimed debut (Dumb Blood) to main stage festival appearances at Fuji Rock, Governor’s Ball, Lollapalooza, Reading & Leeds, Best Kept Secret, Øya and Pukklepop.

Striking out on his own Mattie spent the following summer in LA gathering material for what would become his polarizing, second record Conceived in the Sky. Like the climate, Mattie’s sound had been radicalized. Reinstating himself as the DIY solo artist he once was, the hip-hop inspired, sample infused sophomore effort confused & delighted his fanbase in equal amounts.

35 million streams, support slots with multiple sold-out headline tours later the world was put on hold. Mattie took refuge in his studio, finally realizing an idea he had only flirted with in the past; writing, performing & producing an album entirely on his own. Extinction Ballads is a lo-fi classic & his most personal record to date. – Spotify bio

Fizzy Blood – JANUARY SUN

Live is home for FIZZY BLOOD. Drummer Jake Greenway and bassist Ciaran Scanlon are a powerhouse, even down to their facial expressions, effortlessly switching from a full throttled, ear shattering sonic backbone to an infectious, groove-ridden pulse. Vocalist Benji Inkley oozes charm with his Josh Homme-inspired croons, and his counterparts Tim Malkin (keys & guitars) and Paul Howells (guitars) showcase incredible attention to detail in their blistering musicianship. This is just a glimpse into the many reasons why FIZZY BLOOD have catapulted to the forefront of British DIY rock. Live highlights include tours alongside While She Sleeps, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Arcane Roots, Spring King, alongside last year’s The Great Escape, Download, 2000 Trees and Reading & Leeds festivals.

There’s method behind Fizzy Blood’s madness. Guitarist and songwriter Paul Howells’s ability to capture a relatable yet erratic inner monologue, and then presenting it in a polished song package is astonishing. Animals was written from his experiences of verbal abuse whilst working as a street fundraiser. ADHD was written about his experiences of being diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder at the age of 21. Summer Of Luv was written in a Super 8 Motel when the band were in Texas for SXSW, capturing hot, desert landscapes in sonic form. Pawn is an anthem of frustration towards the cut-throat music industry. These aren’t songs for the sake of writing songs, this is honesty. – Spotify bio

That’s all for now.

**For more amazing underground bands like the ones above, go check out the Spotify playlist below! Let me know which ones you like in the comment section.

-Rock on!





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