UndergroundRock #5 – Bands You Need To Hear

Hi everybody!

It’s a blast from the past with two more awesome guitar driven rock bands for you to check out – both from the late 80’s, early 90’s!

Underground rock (blast from the past edition)

These are two bands I loved listening to back in the 90’s. I think they both flew under the radar, which is a shame.

Check them out, see what you think!

Redd Kross – “Jimmy’s Fantasy” (1993)

Redd Kross’s song “Jimmy’s Fantasy” is from the album “Phaseshifter”.

Redd Kross is an American alternative rock/punk rock band from Hawthorne, California, who had their roots in 1978 in a punk rock band called the Tourists, which was started by brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald while Steve was still in middle school. With the addition of friends Greg Hetson and John Stielow on drums, the band’s first gig was opening for Black Flag. –Wikipedia

Red Siren – All Is Forgiven  (1989)

Siren’s one & only album “All Is Forgiven” was the First Album of a major record label that was Totally Digitally Mastered on digital hard drive.

The band consisted of Kristin Massey (Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, etc.), Robert Haas (Lead Guitar, Keyboards, etc.), Gregg Potter (Drums) & Jon Brant (Bass)

It’s too bad that they disbanded after just 1 album because I owned the vinyl ‘Siren’ debut album and it totally rocked! They later changed their name (after the album was already released) to Red Siren.

For more craziness, check out redsirenband.com

That’s all for now.

**For more amazing underground bands like the ones above, go check out the Spotify playlist below! Let me know which ones you like in the comment section.

-Rock on!





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