Fold Me — Crandew

…hold me under again. -I am Crandew Bewitched — Crandew (@Crandew) September 25, 2017

via Fold Me — Crandew

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Rock on This

…and as if that weren’t enough!


Here’s a playlist to get things moving:

Trust me, just turn it up, and see what you think…

Rock on!


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Into The Fold

On a day like today, it’s not such a bad idea to share.



Rock on everyone!



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Tiny Apples

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Break The Norm

…and for me, that can make all the difference.

I’m still not seeing any new, inventive music out there. This begs the question, is rock truly dead? Where have all the real musicians gone?

Humans are creatures of habit, and we really need to break with all of that every once in a while. Looking back on the progression of music, starting in the 50’s to now… we can see how Rock evolved up into the 90’s, before the industry killed it cold. My favorite time period is still rock between the 70’s/80’s which gave birth to groups like Boston, Def Leppard and Iron Maiden.

In my opinion, it was when MTV quit playing actual music videos that music died. What came next with hip hop, and rap, and that over saturated pop sound that seems to drone on forever, has all but destroyed originality. What’s your take on all this?

Break the norm, save the cheerleader and save the world!


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Tread Lightly It’s 2017


We all fall just short of the wall, and heaven’s forbid it might crumble. Who dares bring on the Avalanche?

That was the original picture, eventually becoming the album cover.

Dare not tread too forcibly, for rocks still crumble and avalanches do indeed happen.

Spare us your mediocrities!


Rock on!




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…going to bring you down

like an avalanche!

Rock on!


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