2015 – A Rocking Good Year

…and what a year it has been!



We released our ep ‘6 Pack‘ in Feb, and ‘Fold Me‘ became the #1 song on GasHouseRadio’s November Top 10 Songs!

GHR Top 10 Songs of November

…and, if that’s not cool enough – just go to the link above, check out the list of songs and chill for a moment. Blabpipe vid will start playing at the top of their pg. Too cool. GasHouseRadio rocks!

We have begun work on a new album, and are focusing on playing live as many shows as possible.


So keep up the support if ya dig us, and the best is yet to come!

Rock on!




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The Search Continues

…for good, new, modern alternative rock bands that have something to say. That’s not asking too much, is it?


Over the weekend, I spent the better part of Sunday morning listening to Spotify and SoundCloud, as well as various indie radio stations. What I’m looking for is really tough to find I guess.

Here’s an example:


And another:


I’ll continue my search… and post a string of vids/bands at some point. Feel free to point me in the direction of anyone you currently dig, and think fits the bill. High energy, grunge, guitar oriented, vocals melodic… music on fire!

Rock on you undiscovered, high energy (with something to say) musicians!



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…and if you’re anywhere in CT, you’ve probably heard of them.


Here’s a video from a recent NeverMind show:


…and another one.


A cover band that plays the rocking tunes from the 80’s, 90’s and beyond…

NeverMind on Facebook

NeverMind on Twitter

Rock on NeverMind!


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Blabpipe Live In CT

…redefining rock, because someone needs to. Here’s some clips from Bleachers in Bristol, CT:

Join us on Facebook and go check out 6 Pack on Spotify!

We have been very busy as of late, but the BlabBlog will resume :)

Rock on people!




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Two Points of Light

…that always seem to bring me anywhere but home.


“The night air wraps around me; smoke from my pipe becomes a ghost dance and I am once again threaded into an earlier stitch; I’m transported back to a place where my kids are still young, and the world is on fire.” – Ray

This was the inspiration for the Blabpipe ep ‘6 Pack‘. My kids, and the endless waves of fond memories were my muse. Even the track Hot Chocolate found it’s name (if not it’s final destination) in the cold New England mornings that now seem so distant.

There was a time when music mattered. There was a time when melodies fit the words, and a compilation of tunes could bring you where you needed to go.

It’s by no accident that Blabpipe can deliver you a viable ghost dance or introduce you to a Buffalo Bullfrog… it’s by complete design.

In Voyeur, we see the man standing just left of center, and in truth I can still see him, can you? Writing on the Wall gives us a voice… can you hear it now? Surviving is what wells up inside us when faced with impossible odds, and Rather be Cool than Hip accurately describes the world we now live in. I’ve see the Black Cat… and it has often crossed my path.

I often times wonder… Let’s Pretend… is that for me or for you? Fold Me is about…well here, see for yourself:

There was a time when music mattered.

Rock on most fortunate!





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All We Are

…and all we’ll ever be.

We are a rock band – :)





Back on the front line, check out our FaceBook pg for upcoming events!

Blabpipe on fb


Rock on!


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…and the power to control your own future.


I once believed as you do now, but that was a very long time ago. The winding road that leads into the wilderness; the green mile that fades into the distant horizon. At times, we all swagger, we all falter, and we all eventually rest. There can be no argument, no Coup d’etat – not for this.

One step into the future. Do you want to see it, the next frame in the camera? Would you like to taste it, sitting quietly for just a moment on your tongue, and feel the rhythm deep inside you move with the promise of a better tomorrow?

The future isn’t written, it’s discovered one step at a time.


Can you hear me now?

Rock on Kismet! The future isn’t written, it’s discovered one step at a time.


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