Avalanche – Album Review

Our 2017 rock album Avalanche is on fire, and that’s a good thing. We put everything we had into this project, and it’s awesome to finally be in a position to sit back and watch the reception. Ideas (and especially original concepts) can still be a fundamental driving force behind music; one just has to find them.

Avalanche Front


Here’s a recent album review, and it’s a great read!


Below are some Blabpipe videos, featuring songs from the new album:

…and there are more on the way!

Rock on!


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…that’s right, I said it.

So… what do you think?

It’s a track off the new album, Avalanche. Here’s another one:


…and another one:


So… what do you think?


Check out the album, and let us know!


Rock on!


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Sites And Sounds

As with all things, this too may pass… but where’s the new music?


I’ve seen so much change in the music business in such a short time. Makes me wonder what we’re all in store for next.

First off, here are a few sites that while still useful for some things (like finding/promoting new music)… may now be winding down:

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, G+

Here are some sites that linger on, but are virtually dead in the water:

SoundCloud, MySpace, LastFM, ReverbNation

Here are a few sites that offer a small chance at locating new music (but mostly just regurgitate old music, and record company backed music):

iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio

So, where as I once had long lists of exciting new music sites to chose from – they have grown significantly shorter.


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…everything’s fine, doing alright. Everyone here… is coming up Roses, Roses!

Avalanche Back

Avalanche CD Back Cover

Here’s some rock!


And if you’re still in the mood to Sing:

Rock on people!


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Avalanche Unleashed

That’s right… our latest rock album Avalanche is now available!

But wait, that’s not all!

We’ve got the first single from the album, and you can hear it right now:

Cool huh?

If you’re intrigued, go check out the whole thing and support us here:




Rock on people!


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Blabpipe on Spotify

If you listen to music on Spotify, there’s a small thing you can do that will be a big help to us: FOLLOW us there!

Once we get to 250 followers, Spotify will “verify” the account, which opens up some cool possibilities for Blabpipe’s music, and we’ll also be able to keep you updated whenever we release new songs or playlists.

If you have a second, please click “follow” on the main Blabpipe Spotify page. It really will be a huge help and we’ll send an immediate psychic hug in return. Thanks!

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Voyeur Live

Blabpipe is on the move!


We are revisiting some old songs, and releasing a new album soon.

This was from Summerfest 2016 in Claremont, NH. We had a great time touring the Northeast this year, and are looking forward to promoting the new album next year.


More info on the new album soon, and you can stay up to date by following us on our Facebook pg: BlabpipeMusic

Rock on people!


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