Off The Vine

…you keep yours, and I’ll burn mine.


These words that are spoken in earnest, and devoid of any malice.  I care not for that which came before. I tread ever so lightly into the dawn, eyes open and heavy of heart.

Once broken from the vine, all at once dark and withering. If you fold me, hold me under again.

Fold Me

Prison fights overnight
Leaving you to understand
Traffic lights who is right
Leaving you to understand

And I fly on a wing and a prayer
And I try forget all that is there

Prison fights overnight
Who was right
Leaving you to understand

If you fold me
Hold me under again

Faded roses off the vine
You keep yours and I’ll burn mine
Snapshots yellowed over time
Chill the glass that’s left behind

And I fly on a wing and a prayer
And I try forget all that is there

Faded roses off the vine
You keep yours and I’ll burn mine

If you fold me
Hold me under again


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All That Defines Us

…must surely bind us, and usher us with great certainty along our way.



Like cattle I suppose. Led innocently down the path, drift haughtily along the dream, visit among ourselves, make ineffectual plans and stare deftly through the dust covered glass into a future that can never be. It’s almost comical really.


Face to the Wall


A painter, and a poet once sat in a coffee shop and debated the merits of what should be. I imagine the conversation would have been served up better with the topic of what will be, but that’s the price of youth; always more in focus long after the fact.


The falling man hangs in the balance as I lie comfortably in my chair; unable to do more than gaze doggedly in silence. Thoughts that were once held in warmth and comfort are now quickly iced over, and served openly as a motionless horror.

All that you see before you was written long ago. The lava will eventually cool. It will bring forth with it a new day, speaking to no one in a tongue that will remain frozen. I can see it now; it’s the writing on the wall.


Rock on wall!


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Smoke Lingers Around Your Fingers

…and you think they’re sad because you’re leaving? But did you see jealousy in the eyes of those you had to leave behind?


I doubt it will be as before, but at times like these even a splinter can seem nirvana. Spring is here and while the bitter cold bites my exposed skin, the snow lies quietly on the lawn before me. Why does the snow have to lie before me? Be honest snow, just be honest.


The days go by without number.

Rock on people!


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Black Sabbath

and especially the classic album: Mob Rules!

I’ve been listening to older Sabbath lately, and I wondered… am I the last of the great hold-outs?

From 1974, Children of the Grave:


Check out the audience, holy crap. That would have been a fun show for sure.


And of course a quick follow up with Iron Man:


What’s it like when the party is finally over? Is this what it was like when Beatlemania finally died down? It would have been cool to see them (Sabbath and the Beatles) back in the day.

Rock on Sabbath!




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7 String Wonders

“Alas, for quietly creeping forth was a bitter man – a meek, and that he fell upon his sword, and that a booming crack waffled lightly in the wood… I can not say true nor untrue.”



On that note, we have a new ep out and it’s called 6 Pack.

Forsooth! I beseech you to take up a copy for your own, so that you too will not lie estranged in a strange wood. Don’t be a meek, a seven string wonder.

Here’s some links:

6 Pack on cdbaby

6 Pack on iTunes

6 Pack on Amazon

Forsooth! There are samples for each song… try them :)




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6 Pack Live

Our latest album is available… 6 Pack!

6 Pack


Just click the picture above or follow this link:

“Enjoyable introduction. Very psychedelic. Sounds like something that would be played at a triply party in the 1960’s. Vocalist had easy to understand voice. Catchy lyrics, I definitely wanted to sing along with them. Guitar parts are all stellar. I would love to listen to more songs by this artist.” – recent anonymous review about ‘Fold Me’ (6 Pack) 2015


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Clueless Or Callous?

…it’s getting harder to tell.



This is real. It was taken a few days ago and sent in by a friend from his workplace.

One person boxing in someone is almost understandable… but a whole row forming behind all the cars in the middle? Seriously? It wasn’t a planned thing. The cars in the middle are totally at the mercy of the fools around them.

Makes me wonder where we are as a society.



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