Something to remember you by…


…this was to be the last moments I would ever embrace from the old world, subtle acts of kindness from just before the change.

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There exists an image that can burn with such fervor, and this same image will always be etched within my heart. Voices continue to chatter with each other, and I will remain sitting at my table, apart from the world while relaxing outside that tiny Louisiana coffee shop on that hot afternoon… so long ago.

I can’t erase what isn’t there.

Tomorrow, I might wake up. I might jet out into another America, but for now this is all that remains of that world. All we hold are our memories now.

This is what I refer to as being drawn back in time. This is how we time travel. There are some memories that can overcome, and for me that’s just swell.


-I am Crandew

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Round n Round

As we gear up, and head on in to the studio… there are plenty of great tunes for you to check out. Here’s a quick preview from 6 Pack!



Be sure to like us on our Facebook pg, for lots more: Blabpipe

Here’s some Roses for you, before you jet!

Rock on everyone!



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Rock It

So what exactly is going on in the music world these days? Anything?


I was thinking about the different music awards, and honestly… none of them are all that exciting. We need new blood, as they say. Start a music revolution. Get a new sound, and let bands that are original be heard!


The days of our kind are numbered my friends, unless we band together and force rock back into the spotlight.


It’ll be a cold world indeed without guitar driven ‘happy’ songs.





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Roses For You!

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Latest Blabpipe Video!

…as if you haven’t seen it yet.


Rock on!



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Of Rock Today

..and more news on our upcoming album.

So what exactly is going on in the music world? Times, they are indeed a changing… and before we go any further, we want to pay tribute to a rock god that has passed on.

RIP Tom Petty. Your music will always live on!

What an awesome musician, and an incredible human being. I’ve heard nothing but great things about him, and his accomplishments are staggering. He will be missed, but I’m glad that his music will always be around to remind us about what’s best in life.

News on Blabpipe:

There is indeed a new studio album in the works for the hardest working, most underpaid band in history. As the great Dollar once said, the greatest band that never was.

Tracks are being laid, and songs are being spun by the fireside. It’s going to be loud and it’s going to rock! A followup to the smash underground album Avalanche.

I know it’s not fair to tease, but the line grows thin between keeping everyone informed, and swatting at butter flies. Album and Release Dates are still forthcoming (it would be nice to have big studio backing, but indie production will work just fine).

Don’t back down!





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Moongoat Rising!

…and it’s a beautiful thing.

Our album Avalanche is slowly taking off, which in this day ‘n age is a tough thing to accomplish.

I miss the days when bands, very talented bands, rose through the charts like they were covered in butter. Today, most bands aren’t really worth their weight in butter. Why do I keep saying butter?

We are plowing headstrong into the storm, so if you want the good guys to succeed… at least wish us luck.

Rock on,


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