You know… why the face?

Music has been in such a bad place for so long, even I have stopped questioning if it’ll ever really bounce back. Who would have thought that when our parents warned us about the emergence of MTV and how evil it was, they were right… just not in the way they imagined. There were lots of factors, but mostly MTV and the internet killed rock.

Sad really, for those of us who grew up loving music… to watch it turn to jelly breaks what’s left of my heart.


I stood witness in mostly silence as the rock genre transformed itself from the melodic songs of the 60’s into the grunge of the 90’s and finally into the obscurity of pop, some time around 2000. I call rock ghost music now, because the only songs worth listening to are from 40 years ago now (except for my music, Blabpipe, of course).

So where does this leave us?

Searching the radio, and checking out the hottest tracks from online sources… we’re doomed. What’s pushed as popular songs now is a joke. WTF? I seriously can’t find any intelligent music, regardless of genre.

OK. There are a few bright spots that blink on every once in a while but on the whole the music business has gone bad. WTF indeed.

I fire up my guitar and rig, and play the day away.

One last song before the light goes out forever.


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Golden Globes

All that glitters must surely be gold.



The awards given to oneself by oneself are truly a mystery. Golden and arched, yet not really of much value anymore.

If everyone is special, then no one is special.


The tides of mediocrity have had their fill. It’s time again for something new I think.

Rock on people!


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Our Subtle World


We reside in such changing times, you and I.


The walls of gold suffocate us, as we drift in circles around the room. From dusk til dawn, and deep within the cracks… we light our stages, and play out our lives unnoticed, unheard. Like a rose, sitting quietly in an otherwise empty field.

These are the days that stretch out forever into madness, even though they never really existed. Not really. Funny how some things can never seem to last, yet go on forever.

Why is that?

A while back, in the 80’s, there was a spark and a flame. It rose suddenly (I saw it from my bedroom window), before it was snuffed out. Why did that happen? What evil could so carelessly take something so beautiful and innocent, only to end it?

The decline happens at the peak (for where else could it exist).

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Ridiculously Tiny

Check it out!


Breathing hard, really hard… and I’m mostly out of sorts as another block turns, and my day goes from bad to worse. A water wheel that spins on a dime is off in the distance chattering away and I should be so lucky.

Nope. Not this time.

The street I’m on is barely lit, like the city had purposely put a few small candles on toothpicks just to see what would happen. I can make out the elongated line of cars, bunched together on one side of the road like those circus guys, standing on top of each other. Only you’d have to imagine them lying down or the cars standing up… either way, this is the least of my troubles.

It would be so nice to just give up, to just lie down for a moment. I can’t. I would never get up again, and of that I am…

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Writing On The Wall

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Happy New Year! 2018


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It’s the last Friday in 2017!


Get ready for the new year! We’ll be releasing a new album soon!


2018 will indeed rock!


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