Rock on!



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Friday Video!


Have a rocking great Friday everyone!



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For anyone interested in indie artists, here’s a great site that showcases a wealth of musical talent:

Indie Music People

We have a few songs there:

Blabpipe on IMP

and… there’s a great station, called the Kayak Big 25:

Kayak Big 25

Number 8 on the countdown is especially rocking!


Rock on!



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Rock on!


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Is Rock Dead?

Over the weekend, I posed that question and got quite the response.


Most were adamant that Rock is indeed not dead, yet I still have my doubts. The musical world has continued to spiral downward into the abyss, being pushed and prodded as it drops further and further away from rock, away from talent, away from anything original.


Don’t even get me started on the AMA from last night… sheesh Louise.

The 45th Annual American Music Awards took place on November 19, 2017, at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. It was broadcast on ABC and was hosted by Tracee Ellis Ross.

Gross. I mean, seriously? Suffice to say… not a fan.

Anyway, if you are a fan – more power to you. Really. If music moves you, then you are blessed… which is why we always say: Rock on!!



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Dead Live

…stolen from and correctly pronounced using Chris Hardwick’s voice.



I tend to think that if something doesn’t change soon, we might have finally seen the end of guitar rock.

Lots of factors in all this, but the biggest was from the industry itself. The music industry stopped pushing rock a long time ago, and the effects were devastating for us musician wanna be’s.

All that’s left really is live shows, and that is not very sustainable.


So here’s to the rock, and the guitar and the bass and the drums! Here’s to what time we have left, and the memories of how great guitar driven music could be!

Rock on everyone!





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Our Subtle World

We reside in such changing times, you and I.


The walls of gold suffocate us, as we drift in circles around the room. From dusk til dawn, and deep within the cracks… we light our stages, and play out our lives unnoticed, unheard. Like a rose, sitting quietly in an otherwise empty field.

These are the days that stretch out forever into madness, even though they never really existed. Not really. Funny how some things can never seem to last, yet go on forever.

Why is that?


A while back, in the 80’s, there was a spark and a flame. It rose suddenly (I saw it from my bedroom window), before it was snuffed out. Why did that happen? What evil could so carelessly take something so beautiful and innocent, only to end it?

The decline happens at the peak (for where else could it exist).


Our culture now stands in a mist. The swirls of all the kings and queens of eld are but mere illusions, as is our subtle way of life. Such decay can not go on like this forever, can it?

Will the ogres of our time release us, let us do our thing? Or are we all doomed to walk the halls in silence, headed back to the gas chambers of old?

I fear the music only when it’s no longer heard.




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