…and the power to control your own future.


I once believed as you do now, but that was a very long time ago. The winding road that leads into the wilderness; the green mile that fades into the distant horizon. At times, we all swagger, we all falter, and we all eventually rest. There can be no argument, no Coup d’etat – not for this.

One step into the future. Do you want to see it, the next frame in the camera? Would you like to taste it, sitting quietly for just a moment on your tongue, and feel the rhythm deep inside you move with the promise of a better tomorrow?

The future isn’t written, it’s discovered one step at a time.


Can you hear me now?

Rock on Kismet! The future isn’t written, it’s discovered one step at a time.


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Black Cat

This was a song we wrote a while back. It’s changed a bit through the years, but for the better I think.

The video is a sorta cat hide n go seek.


Rock on Black Cat!



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…that cut too deep, and spread out too far into everything. They will never stop, and they must never question why.


A Poet and a Thief sat in a coffee house discussing events.

The time escapes them, and drips slowly as if from a long forgotten faucet. Their debate is over reflections of the past, and if anything really matters anymore. Dull cow eyes lazily pass from poet to thief and back again, not really registering either fully.

The debate heats up, and might come to blows.

The Poet sighs… and it’s all over. The Thief does not listen, does not see and does not care.

One last attempt is made before summation: but what about humanity? Does it not deserve a chance? Are we truly nothing more than folly?

The Thief replies slowly: it does not.



The door swings wide as the Thief bolts through, heading out into the world. More ripples and more shock waves will follow – but that’s no longer our concern, is it?




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Hot Chocolate

…because really, who doesn’t like hot chocolate?

Hot Chocolate
Round and round
and round and round again
Over the top you go
Up, down
in and out again
Over the top you go
You’ve got it, Hot Chocolate
You’ve got it all together

Rock on Hot Chocolate!


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A Muse

…and on a crumpled napkin I found where lies the truth, and all that once was has now turned to ash, become filth and accumulated as garbage.

Discard that. I have a better idea.


Now, let’s begin anew… begin quickly, and with greater care.

At an empty table in a lonely bar, I found a pile of crumpled napkins… and on them were these words, in this order:

‘A Muse once sat in a bar.

Muse don’t believe the following- Blood is thicker than water. An old dog can’t learn new tricks. You are what you eat. The waitress thinks I’m funny. We landed on the moon. Elvis is dead. Time is of the essence. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. An apple a day.

Muse only believe this- Ain’t nothing for no stepper.’

Through the years, I’ve grown to understand the Muse a bit more. I dare say, he was right…

Ain’t nothing for no stepper.


Rock on Stepper!



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Just Left of Nowhere

…and everything in between, lies the heart of fruition and the courage to be seen.

Falling Man

Falling Man

I often become the falling man; a silhouette that plummets into a place unknown, without choice, without volition.


That’s how it goes. That’s how it is. That’s who we are.


A single stitch in time, and a world devoid of rhyme.

An answer to a very old question, and to lay in waiting is the most painful indeed.

Rock on Forever!



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…and what lies beneath, on the surrounding walls and finally, finally… at the end.


There was a time when it didn’t matter, but that time has sifted its way around us. It matters. It is relevant.

Ray Stage

Every step. Every footfall matters. The sounds echo down the hall.


Rock on you lonely hall!



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