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On any other Sunday, in any other place. It’s early and the moon is still out. I’m waiting on the Moongoat, to do his thing.


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Rock on!


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Sucked In


It’s difficult to find the strength to resist, sometimes. The subtle and in parts sensual allures of outright adventure, coupled with a voluptuous body of extreme prejudice while having been sprinkled lightly with spices as yet unknown… is so, so surreal. Sweet magnolia, that is one hot tamale! An adventure that can appear to last a lifetime, but of course it’s almost always over in ten seconds.

It is the long and the skinny, I suppose.

In time, we might all become the giants we had once envisioned… but that of course could never really happen. Not really. There are so very few of us that could go the distance. Despair, my brothers and sisters. Despair.

This must be why I always rise so quickly each morning.

A new day will lay across me soon enough, but for now… I must keep walking. I have to remind myself to not

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Everyone can sing, while in the shower or in the car or prancing around up on stage. Sing.


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Rock Out




Best way is to dive right in!




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As our new album nears completion, I feel music in general might be poised for an uprise. Could be it’s just hope. Could be.


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