Tick Tick


There’s something just north of nefarious in the way that we all so easily lose track of time. It’s so easy in fact, that it’s happening to us again. Right here, right now… right this very minute.

tick.. tick..

I’m as much alert to as I am helpless by each second of the day, as it consistently ticks along its tracks. We are but passengers beneath a great divide, an old man once told me.

Featured Image -- 1689

I woke up on this fine morning in a great mood, seriously.

tick.. tick..

I set a pot to brew, before mounting my not so comfortable chair at my heavy oaken desk, and as my computer went about its normal wake up routine… I calmed myself. It was at that moment, that exact place in time… where I first became aware of the tick, tick, tick that lightly droned on from the elder clock, residing…

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